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Ahmed Jawad Chaudhary won the first gold medal for the country's 59th International Mathematical Olympiad, the tournament was held in Romania. Through this, Bangladesh introduced a new chapter in the international competition in the mathematical competition. 
If you are thinking of participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad, you can take a look at the list of books proposed by the academic team of the Mathematical Olympiad of Bangladesh. Prepare yourself for the International Mathematical Olympiad through practice of the following mathematical books - 

02 A pathway Into Number Theory 

03 Algebra Inequalities 

04 A Path to Combinatorics for Undergraduates 

05 A Mathematical Olympiad Primer 


07 Adler's Number Theory 

08 Beginning Number Theory 

09 Baltic Way 2002-2006 Problems and Soulstions 

10 Balkan Mathematical Olympiads-1984-2006 

11 Challenges In Geometry 

12 Complex Number and Geometry 

13 Concrete Abstract Algebra 

14 Combinatorics 

15 DIAMONDS IN Mathematical Inequalities 

16 Excursions In Number Theory 

17 Elementary Number Theory 

18 Fifty Challenging Problems In Probability With Solution 

19 Famous Problems of Geometry 

20 Five Hundred Mathematical Challenge 

21 Fermat's ENIGMA 

22 Geometry and Topology 

23 Geometry Unbound 

24 Geometry Revisited 

25 Inequalities 

26 Int'l Mathematical Olympiad 1959-1999 

27 Irish Mathematical Olympiad 1988-1999 

28 Jourmey through Geninus 

29 Mathematical Quickies. 

30 Mathland 

31 Mathematical Universe 

32 Math A Day 

33 Mathematical Mysteries 

34 Mathematical Fun, Games And Puzzles. 

35 Mathematical Magic 

36 Mathematical Olympiad Treasares 

37 Mathematical Oliympid Challenges 

38 Mathematicals Olympiad 2000-2001 

39 Mathematical Excalibur 

40 New Problems in Euclidean Geometry 


Number of Science 42 Number Theory 

43 One Hundred Reason to Be a Scientist 

44 Problem Solving Strategies 

45 Puzzles To Puzzle You 

46 Plane Euclidean Geometry. Hypothesis and Problems 

47 Problems for Mathematical Olympiad 

48 Principles 

what's more, Techniques in COMBLNATIINRICS 49 Proofs that truly check: That specialty of combinatorial confirmation 

50 Road to Int'l Mathematics Olympiad 

51 Some Problems Of Mathematical Olympiad Comnatorial Geometry 

52 Secrets In Inequalities 

53 Sudoku-1 

54 Sudoku-2 

55 Sudoku-3 

56 The IMO Compendium 

57 The Mathematical Olympiad-1990-2006 

58 The Collosal Book Of Mathematics 

59 The Joy Of Mathematics 

60 The Algebra Of Geometry 

61 Transformation Geometry 

62 The Coins Of Harpland And 20 + 10 Other Maths Problems From Ireland 

63 The Pell Equation 

64 The Great Book of Math Teasers 

65 The Art and Cruft Problem Solving 

66 The Music of Primes 

67 USA Mathematical Olympiad 1972-1986 

68 USSR Olympiad Problem Book 

69 101 Problems in Algebra (from the preparation of USA IMO group) 

70 102 Combinatorial Problems 

71 103 Trigonometry Problems (From the preparation of USA IMO group) 

72 104 Number hypothesis issues

1. Neurons reverberation Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Mohammad Kaikobad Tamralipi 

2 Reproduction in the neurons Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Muhammad Kaikobad Tamralipi 

3 Mathematics and more Mathematics Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Anupam 

4 Science and Mathematics The entire of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Afsar Brothers 

5 International Mathematical Olympiad Q-Ans. Muhammad Jafar Iqbal is a production 

6. Fun math of math mohammad zafar iqbal auradhakash 

7. More Questions More Answered Mohammad Jafar Iqbal Awake 

8 Money baffle bewilder figured by Munir Hasan Tamralipi 

9. The individuals who love science, Munir Hasan Tamralipi 

10 Anand Munir Hasan Tamralipi 

11 in Sudoku Munir Hassan Tamralipi is as fun as Sudoku 

12. Ganit fun, Ganit conundrum Subrata Majumdar production time 

13 International Mathematical Festival Munir Hasan Time Publication 

14 Poetry of harming Edit: Subrata Debnath Tamralipi 

15 PI altering in the condition of science: Subrata Debnath Tamralipi 

16 Second perusing of Geometry: Subrata Debnath Tamralipi 

17 Publication of the time amid the Olympiad Mohammad Kaikobad 

18. The individuals who go to Mathematical Olympiad amid the production of Mohamed Kaikobad 

19 Pythagoras and different issues in multiplexing Mohammed Kaikobad and Md. Mahbubul Hasan Tamralipi 

20 Shubankari Panchanan Ghosh Tamralipi 

21 Patnit Yadab Chandra Krupathi Tamralipi 

22 Ekuktany Math Mathematics Gauranga Debra Prakashan 

23 Mathematical blast throughout everyday life (love for geometry) Soumitra is unprecedented 

24 Benjamin strong geometry of the considerable number of issues and arrangements in a distribution 

5. Mathoscopic skin break out beam anupam 

26 Solving the mind boggling issues of scientific states: Mujibur Rahman and Hasanul Banna Tamim Tamralipi 

27 Questioner of the Mathematical Festival Elias Uddin Biswas Tamralipi 

28 Hundred Questions of Mathematics Md. Rashed Talukdar amid production 

29 Some of the capacities are questions. Md. Rashed Talukdar Tamralipi 

30. Intriguing riddle Funny riddle Yakov Perelman and Sam Lloyd Lewis Carroll Tamralipi 

31. Amount of the riddle Yakohel Pelelman Anupam 

32 Funny Math brita imargata mathematicians amid the distribution 

33. Math Magic Scott distributes time for Flensburg 

34. Measurements on Stanley and Anderson Time 

35 Shot-cut distribution by Matthew Gerard W. Kelly 

36. Wise Judge Mujibar Rahman Tamralipi 

37. Anand Yatra in number one Raktim Barua Anupam 

38 Md Saiful Islam Farhad Anupam 

39 in the fanciful and complex numbers . Scientific Oli: Zakir Hossain Tamrolipi 

40 to battle . At the secrets of science Who Bazlul Karim Anupam 

41 Alice An at the condition of arithmetic Who Bazlul Karim Anupam 

42 Aladin A. Who Bazlul Karim Anupam 

43 555 Mathematical Quiz Professor Hamidul Haque Tamralipi 

44 Next age science Bhaban Roy Anupam 

45 Dr., and other intriguing numbers. Arrival of Yee and Adrian Time 

46. Arithmetic Interesting Mathematics Professor Hamidul Haque Tamralipi 

47 The most intriguing of the math is Ziaur Rahman and Mostafizur Rahman Jamil Tamralipi 

48. 505 Mathematical Quiz Jubair Farrukh Anupam 

49 More 505 Mathematical Quiz Jubair Farrukh Anupam 

50 Learn Mathematics Learn Hasan Bannah Tamim Tamlipi 

51. The session of knowledge with the score is Ashikur Rahman Tamralipi 

52 Interesting math test AKM Hasibul Hasan Kanak Tamralipi 

53 Interesting Mathematics and Mathematical Olympiad - (from 1 to 7 arrangement) Science Academy 

54 Geometry The whole Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

55 School Ganit Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

56 School Biology Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

57 School Geometry Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

58 Guitar figure out how to play Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

59 Science: The straightforward clarification of the mind boggling recipe is this. Who Release time of Rumi 

60 Interesting diversion score, not adding up to the quantity of assaulting assailants of Atkong Selim Akhter Science Academy 

61. Mohammad Zafar Iqbal Kakali 

62, a little science . Mohammad Jafar Iqbal Kakali 

63 somewhat more . Open source and our future Munir Hasan Science Academy 

64 21st Century Astronomy Munir Hasan and AM Haroon Or Rashid Tamralipi 

65 Computer Programming Tamim Shahriar Subin Tamralipi 

66. Jupiterbirdar Khuskhobar Yokof Perelman Anupam 

67 Interesting material learning - 1 Yakuf Perezman Anupam 

68 The intriguing thing about material science - 2, Yakof Perelman Anupam 

69. Material science for all - 1 Physics Law Landau and A Kitairogrsky Anupam 

70 Physics-2 Atomic Law for Everyone Landau and A Kitairogrsky Anupam 

71 Physics for everybody 3. Landau and A Katiegardsky is special 

72 Physics-4 for all Landau and A Katiegardsky Anupam 

73 Farsim Mannan Mohammadi Anupam 

74 Radhagobind Chandra Nayemul Islam, Apu Tamralipi, 

75, of Bengal . Harry Lauren discharges super power memory 

76. Science Quiz Zobayer Farrukh Anupam 

77 Bioinformatics Abdullah Jubair Tamralipi 

78. Exploratory Physics Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

79 Experimental Camistri Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

80 Experimental Biology Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

81 School Physics Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

82 School Camisti Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

83 Anu Mahmud Tamralipi of the development 

84. Wyomax Abdullah Al Mamun Science Academy 

85 Horoscope for all Farsim Mannan Mohammadi and Syeda Lammim Ahad Tamralipi 

87 Farsim Mannan Mohammadi and Abdullah Al Mahmood Shayka Prakashan, 

88; Chemical Reaction Md. Kausar and Habib Bhuiyan Science Academy 

89. Substance component Md. Kausar and Habib Bhuiyan Science Academy 

90 School Geography Tasmin Akhtar Science Academy 

91. The study of Sheik Anwar Hossain Science Academy plays his psyche
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